Victoria Park Singers choir master wins BBC award

The Victoria Park Singers

The Victoria Park Singers - Credit: Archant

A choir master has been recognised as an unsung community hero for bringing joy to people’s lives through music.

Hannah who leads the Victoria Park Singers

Hannah who leads the Victoria Park Singers - Credit: Archant

Hannah Brine, from Victoria Park Singers, was named one of the five recipients of BBC Music Day’s inaugural Unsung Hero Award for work in their community with music.

Ms Brine formed the non-auditioned community choir – which rehearses in the Royal Inn on the Park pub every Wednesday – two years ago, and since then their performances have raised more than £8,000 for charity.

Now the choir is 100-strong with a diverse range of nationalities, ages and backgrounds, and Hannah puts together programmes drawing on different musical traditions, performing songs in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Czech.

Jane Marlow, a choir member who nominated Hannah, said: “Since setting up Victoria Park Singers two years ago, Hannah’s talent as a singer and a teacher has inspired a bunch of disparate strangers united by a love of singing to become a joyful, bonded, accomplished community choir.”

Hannah said: “I’m deeply flattered that my choir took the time to nominate me and everyone is really excited that I actually won. In fact it feels like we all won. The choir is a real group effort resulting in something special.”