VIDEO - Homes evacuated as flood waters hit Northwold Road, Upper Clapton

Homes have been evacuated in Northwold Road, Upper Clapton, after water from a burst water main flooded the street.

Firefighters have been helping residents from around 20 homes to safety and are using 200 sandbags to prevent water from gushing into further properties.

They say 80 metres of road is under water after the flood, which happened shortly before 1.54pm.

There have been no reports of casualties.

Efrayi Goldstein, who lives nearby, told the Gazette that the waters were more than a metre high in places.

“It is actually covering cars,” he said.

“I can’t believe what’s happening.”

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A spokeswoman for Thames Water said: “We have shut the 30-inch main to prevent any more water escaping and are doing everything we can to protect people’s homes.

“We are really sorry to those affected and our loss adjusters are on the way to deal with anyone whose home has been flooded.”

She said homes in Upper Clapton, Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington may be without water or water pressure this evening due to the burst main.

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