Virtual reality tour provides tantalising glimpse of the future at Tottenham’s new stadium

The bar area in the east lower stand

The bar area in the east lower stand - Credit: Archant

Regulars at White Hart Lane this season will have seen the giant outer wall of the new stadium quickly enveloping the current ground – and it is now clear that the inside of Tottenham’s new home will be just as impressive when the final lick of paint is applied.

The Tunnel Club, where images of the members of Spurs' starting line-up will appear on the wall and

The Tunnel Club, where images of the members of Spurs' starting line-up will appear on the wall and supporters will be able to see the players heading from the dressing room to the pitch - Credit: Archant

Almost 18 months before the new arena is due to open, Spurs are using state-of-the-art virtual reality technology to provide a tantalising glimpse of what the future will look like.

Supporters can now sit down at Tottenham’s Lilywhite House, next to the construction site, don a pair of futuristic goggles and literally look around the new stadium, getting a spell-binding preview of what a home matchday will look like from August 2018 onwards.

Using a remote control, fans can ‘walk’ through the hospitality lounges and take in the spectacular views and vistas from a range of vantage points and angles.

It is certainly an experience that whets the appetite.

The H Club will offer Michelin star calibre dining

The H Club will offer Michelin star calibre dining - Credit: Archant

For those who are accustomed to the relative intimacy of the Lane, with its 36,000 capacity, the size and scale of the ground is instantly remarkable in itself.

The new 61,000-seater arena will be the biggest club stadium in London, and it includes a 17,000-seater single tier stand – the largest of its kind in the UK.

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That is a particularly impressive sight, stretching high into the ether, and the hope is that it will create a wall of sound and contribute to a stirring atmosphere.

For those supporters who can afford a more luxurious experience, the Tunnel Club has some nice touches.

For starters, images of the members of Spurs’ starting XI will be lined up along the walls – and the fans will be able to see into the players’ tunnel, through one-way glass.

That innovation could backfire, of course. It is surely only a matter of time before there is an altercation between the pitch and the dressing room which is captured on a camera phone.

“It is dangerous, because a lot of things happen in the tunnel,” said Mauricio Pochettino with a smile. “And for that, it’ll be very expensive!”

Asked what he has seen in the tunnel, during his career as a player and a manager, the Argentinian replied: “I cannot tell you. You need to buy a seat!”

The prospect of being privy to such moments, behind the scenes, is certainly enticing, but it will be unaffordable for most supporters.

Prices at the Tunnel Club start at £339 per person per event (not including the membership fee), and the H Club – which will offer Michelin star-calibre dining experiences - is even more expensive (from £535 per person per event).

But these are the most exclusive premium options and the average punter is likely to be more excited by the fact that Spurs’ new home will include the longest general admission bar in a UK stadium at 86.8 metres.

Provision will also be made for the world’s first stadium micro-brewery and in-house bakery. One million pints of craft beer can be produced each year, and they can be poured at a speed of 10,000 pints per minute, while the bakery will produce artisan breads and pastries for every food outlet on the site.

The stadium project has been a long-running saga and the estimated cost has risen substantially from £450million to £750m, while an emotional farewell to White Hart Lane is on the horizon.

However, judging by the stunning preview that is now available next door, the wait, cost and upheaval will certainly be worth it in the end.

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