Volunteers needed at Hackney community garden wrecked by fly-tippers

Mabley Green, destroyed by fly tipping, photo Damian Rafferty.

Mabley Green, destroyed by fly tipping, photo Damian Rafferty. - Credit: Archant

Keen gardeners are invited along to help out at the Hackney community garden which was wrecked by fly-tippers last Christmas.

Next Saturday volunteers will be reseed Mabley Green Meadow with wild seeds and finish off the clean-up, following the devastation last December when 49 tonnes of rubbish covering an area the size of a football field was dumped there.

Domestic construction waste, including broken glass and rubble was discarded, flattening the crops in the glade bordering Lea Conservancy Road, and costing the council over £10,500 to clear.

Youngsters and adults from the Mabley Green User group (MGUG) had worked on the community gardening project for the previous three years, transforming what was a filthy bit of land on the edge of the A12 into a blooming community garden filled with apple and plum trees, herbs, wild garlic, currants and bluebells.

Community gardener Helen Wilson and Chris King, the former chair of MGUG and architect of the original meadow restoration, will be in the community garden on Saturday May 10 from 11am to 1pm.

Chair of the Mabley Green users’ group Damian Rafferty said the group is fighting back.

“Already we have seen wild garlic, daffodils and bluebells that have survived,” he said.

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“Helen will be recreating the gardening club this autumn we ran there for local children with funding from Sanctuary Housing’s Grand Ideas scheme, and we have received funding from Wick Award for a table tennis table too, and are hopeful of securing funding for a few more tables to make the meadow an important asset for everyone locally.”