Voucher system for low income families rolled out across Ridley Road Market

Ridley Road market:Picture Ken Mears

Ridley Road market:Picture Ken Mears - Credit: Archant

All Ridley Road Market traders are now accepting vouchers to help low income families throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Rose Vouchers were introduced in 2014 by the Alexandra Rose Charity to help struggling households buy fresh produce from local markets. Previously only three Ridley Road traders accepted them but now they all are.

The move has seen 3,000 vouchers used in the last 10 days.

The market now has opening hours of 8am to 3pm, as well as a patrolled queue system and two-metre floor markings to help people with social distancing.

Cllr Guy Nicholson said: “Ridley Road street market has been keeping families fed with healthy fresh fruit and veg at affordable prices since the 1800s and it still provides this service to this day.

“Keeping Ridley Road street market open, safe and with social distancing enforced, has been incredibly important for the wider community. All credit to traders and the council’s markets team for keeping the market going at this extraordinary and very difficult time.”

To be eligible for Rose Vouchers families should meet the criteria for the Healthy Start voucher scheme for pregnant women and families in receipt of benefits. They will then receive £3 of vouchers per child per week or £6 if the child is under one year old.

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