Do you remember this blazing inferno on the Regent's Canal?

The canalside blaze some time in the 1970s 

The canalside blaze some time in the 1970s - Credit: Paul Wood

These pictures show a dramatic blaze on the Regent’s Canal engulfing a warehouse - but mystery surrounds when they were taken or who snapped them. 

Thick smoke can be seen to billow across the canal from a warehouse in Wharf Place next to Bethnal Green gasworks. 

The scene at Wharf Place some time in the 1970s

The scene at Wharf Place some time in the 1970s - Credit: Paul Wood

Emergency crews tackle it on two sides - from Wharf Place and the other side of the canal at Andrews Road in London Fields. 

They would likely have turned up from fire stations such as Bethnal Green, Bow, Shoreditch, Kingsland, Hackney and Stoke Newington. 

A mystery onlooker probably took the snaps in the 1970s or 80s. Paul Wood, who was a freelance photographer for the local press in the 1980s who has a keen interest in archive pictures from fire stations, is appealing for the person to come forward. 

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“These photos are a great picture of times gone by," he said. "They were handed to a retired fireman last week who served in the area back then. It would be nice to add the details if anyone can recall anything about the fire.”

Canal scene today... decades after the warehouse blaze

The quiet canal scene today... decades after the warehouse blaze - Credit: Google

A pensioner, who had found the photos at home, dropped them off at Stoke Newington Fire Station on Sunday, March 21.

Anyone who recalls the blaze can email Paul at or the local press at

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