‘We’re clamping down on dangerous drivers in Stamford Hill’ say police

The junction of Clapton Common and Stamford Hill.

The junction of Clapton Common and Stamford Hill. - Credit: Archant

Dangerous drivers in Stamford Hill have been getting away with it for too long, police and neighbours say – but the culprits can now finally expect repercussions.

Pc James Higgins took to social media to ask the community how they want his team to tackle issues such as double-parking, speeding, erratic driving and uninsured vehicles.

He now plans to speak to the council to see what permanent measures can be brought in, but in the mean time says officers will be more “robust”.

It comes after a 10-year-old boy suffered serious injuries when he was hit by a van in Ravensdale Road last week.

“My team and I are trying to come up with a plan,” said Pc Higgins. “It’s not going to be easy but we are hoping to work with the council to see what we could put in place like CCTV, yellow boxes, one-way streets and reducing parking time.

“These are just some of the options given to me on Twitter. I don’t think they are possible right away but hopefully I can speak with someone at the council to ask what evidence they would need from us to make a case. We will also have to contact the local schools to see what we can do to try and stop the parents double parking.

“For now, though, we plan on being a bit more robust by issuing tickets to those caught, as words of advice and warnings have fallen on deaf ears.”

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His push comes as a mum launched her own campaign against dangerous drivers after her daughter was nearly run over twice in a matter of days.

Mara Bodis-Wollner of Farley Avenue has started documenting incidents by logging dates, times and registration plates of the culprits, which she plans to hand over to the authorities.

She told the Gazette: “These drivers are not regulated. I’ve lived here for eight years and always noticed it. “Particularly the school buses. Children as young as three are often not buckled in and the vans are driven erratically. My daughter was nearly killed twice the other week. These are just my observations from my walk to school and nursery. I would like to find a way to create a safer neighbourhood for all.”