Who ate all the burgers? Vicar’s “emergency run” to shops during jubilee bash.

Christians believe Jesus fed 5,000 people with two fish and five bits of bread - but one vicar had to make-do with an “emergency run” to Tescos when a jubilee party ran dangerously low on burgers after 600 people turned up.

Hundreds of revellers arrived at St Luke’s Church to enjoy a Big Lunch to mark the Queen’s jubilee celebrations on Saturday (June 2).

St Luke’s Vicar, Rev Betsy Blatchley, said: “It was fabulous to see hundreds of local residents streaming into the church and garden.

“We had to do an emergency run to Tesco’s for extra sausages and burgers as we began to run out - but everyone got fed and the atmosphere was incredible!

“Lots of the children around here won’t be getting away for half-term and this provided a really memorable day for them.”

The church, in Homerton Terrace, Homerton, joined forces with the Morningside Estate Committee and the Morningside Youth Club to throw a massive party that boasted dozens of attractions, including the chance to play at being a firefighter on a fire engine with crews from Homerton Fire Station, an aerobics workshop, dance shows, performances by singers, craft and food stalls, and lots of garden games.