Wick Road’s transformation to allow improved cycling and walking is complete

The new Wick Road. Picture: Hackney Council

The new Wick Road. Picture: Hackney Council - Credit: Archant

The final transformation of Wick Road to two-way traffic in a bid for safer streets will be completed on Sunday.

The road in Homerton has already seen the introduction of protected cycle lanes alongside better pavements and more than 40 new trees.

The Gazette first reported on the changes two years ago when the scheme was launched. It has also seen the removal of 110 parking spaces, and aims to lower vehicle speeds and improve air quality.

Transport chief Cllr Jon Burke said: "Wick Road was a blight on the borough - unsafe, polluted, and splitting the community in two.

"Its transformation - featuring more trees and protected cycle lanes to increase active travel - provides a more inviting atmosphere for people to walk and cycle and is a showcase of our ambitions for the future of Hackney's streets."

The switch to two-way traffic will be on Wick Road between Kenworthy Road and Morning Lane.