Woman killed in collision with lorry in Lower Clapton Road

A female pedestrian has been killed in a collision with a lorry in Lower Clapton Road this morning (Wednesday).

The woman, who is believed to be elderly, was hit near the junction with Urswick Road shortly before 10.45am.

A shop worker who witnessed the accident said: “It happened right in front of our eyes. It was an old lady, a black lady with a walking stick and a bag. It was a big, big lorry that went over her and then the car behind went over her too. I don’t think either of them saw her though until people started running over and screaming.

“It is a dangerous crossing. The lorry was turning right into Urswick Road and this all happened in front of us at about 10.30 this morning. I thought it was not real. We were screaming and my colleague is just in shock. It’s terrible.”

London’s Air Ambulance attended the scene of the crash and the Met’s traffic department is investigating.

Urswick Road and Homerton High Street were closed in both directions and traffic queues built up between the Ponsford Street and Lower Clapton Road.