Woman ‘physically sick’ after eating mouldy beans from KFC in Mare Street, Hackney

The mouldy beans from KFC. Picture: Cenora Daniels

The mouldy beans from KFC. Picture: Cenora Daniels - Credit: Archant

A horrified woman who ate from a tub of mouldy KFC beans said she was “physically sick” and ordered the manager to destroy the whole batch.

Cenora Daniels popped into the fast food joint in Mare Street to buy a bargain bucket for her and her college mates two weeks ago.

But when she got took it back to the classroom and had a spoonful of beans, she knew something was wrong.

“I didn’t realise what had happened at first,” she told the Gazette. “There was mildew on the lid but I took a spoonful. It tasted slimy in my mouth but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

“When I saw the mould drop into the beans I went crazy. Then I calmed myself down and recorded it.

“I went back down to KFC and spoke to the manager, who wanted me to give him the beans. I said: ‘No way, I’m keeping them.’

“I got my money back but the same batch of beans was being given to other people. The fridge must have been broken. A lot of other people were going to be eating contamination.

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“Mine was stuck to the lid so people might not know.”

In one of two videos Cenora filmed on her Samsung, she zooms in on the tub of beans and calls KFC an “absolute frigging disgrace”.

In a second video, she confronts the store staff and demands their names before saying: “Is somebody gonna throw all those beans away? Because you seem to have a whole heap of beans there.

“Considering this came from that batch don’t you think you should throw that away?”

She adds: “I ate that and I was physically sick in the college.”

KFC refunded Cenora’s £12.99 but she said the staff did not bin the remaining beans.

A spokesman for the takeaway said: “We’re sorry to hear about Cenora’s experience. She was refunded when she returned to the restaurant, and our team members immediately checked the rest of the batch, but didn’t find any mould.

“We haven’t received any other similar complaints either.”