Hypo death: Chairman admits 'naivety' but football club keeps licence

Hackney rapper Lamar Jackson, who used the stage name Hypo, was fatally stabbed in Woodford Green

Hackney rapper Lamar Jackson, who used the stage name Hypo, was fatally stabbed in Woodford Green - Credit: Met Police

A football club has been allowed to keep its licence by Redbridge Council after the death of a rapper.

Lamar Jackson, from Hackney and known by his stage name Hypo, died after being found with stab wounds in Chigwell Road, Woodford Green, in the early hours of June 3.

Police previously said they were called to reports of the stabbing after a party, which they alleged was an “unauthorised music event” at Woodford Town FC's athletics field in Ashton Playing Fields.

At a full review of the club’s premises licence, stricter conditions were applied.

These included reducing the number of people who can drink there outside of match days to 20.

Alcohol can also no longer be consumed on the field where the event is said to have taken place.

Woodford Town FC’s chairman Tony Scott told Redbridge Council's licensing sub-committee he believed the event was a “40th birthday party” when it was booked.

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This meant that no application for a music event was made to Redbridge Council, which could have resulted in strict conditions being imposed by the police.

In their application for an urgent review of the licence, which took place in June, the Met said the lack of CCTV covering all public areas of the site breached licensing law.

However, Met Police licensing officer Matt Brown said Mr Scott had “messed up” due to naivety, rather than deliberately breaking the law.

He added: “I think Tony took it on face value that this was going to be a birthday party, he saw it as pretty much a nothing event.

“This is fundamentally where it all went wrong."

Mr Scott apologised on behalf of the club and said: "It was naivety on our part. We were just trying to do the right thing and hopefully raise funds for the club. 

“On a personal note I feel responsible as chairman of the club.”

In a decision published on Redbridge’s website, the committee ruled it would be a “disproportionate step” to revoke or suspend the club’s licence.

The committee noted that no other crimes or anti-social behaviour have occurred at the club, which has “fully cooperated” with police since the death.

Laurie John-Phillip, 32, from Enfield, has been charged with Lamar’s murder and is remanded in custody before his next court date at the Old Bailey in August.