Yet another deer found dead in Stoke Newington’s Clissold Park

Pressure is mounting on Hackney Council to re-home the herd

Yet another deer was found dead in Clissold Park yesterday – less than a week after another doe was believed to have been killed by a dog.

The deer was reportedly found at 4pm yesterday (Sunday February 20), but no council spokesman was available for confirmation.

The council is already considering whether the park is a suitable home for a deer after the discovery of the dead deer last week, on Valentine’s day.

Concern for the herd’s security and welfare emerged six months ago, when a deer was injured and had to be humanely shot after night-time intruders broke into the enclosure.

The deer have been subjected to dog attacks since the �9m Lottery Fund redevelopment of the park began a year ago, because space under the temporary fencing allowed dogs to slip into their enclosure.

Julia Mazza, member of campaign group Clissold Park Zoo Watch - which wants to see the deer re-homed - said: “The park people are having a meeting this afternoon. I hope they don’t panic and ship the herd off to the cull-parks in Richmond or Bushey - there are non-cull alternatives.”

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Managers of parks which cull deer annually claim it is necessary to maintain numbers at a specific level, to avoid problems of disease and damage to the natural environment.

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