Young Hackney beekeepers featured on Radio 4 show tomorrow

Testimonies from youngsters working on a bee-keeping project in Hackney feature on a Radio 4 programme tomorrow morning.

‘Spirit of the Beehive’ hears from passionate urban beekeepers who work for The Golden Company.

The social enterprise based in Haggerston, which has just celebrated its second anniversary, has achieved great results through simply getting kids off the streets and getting them involved with tending bees and making honey.

The show which asks what bees can teach us, also hears from scientists at Sussex University who are looking at ways to help the honeybee by eavesdropping in on their communication system, the “waggle dance.”

Spirit of the Beehive broadcasts on Friday September 2 on Radio 4 at 11.00am

Read the Hackney Gazette’s article from this week’s paper about 19-year old Ezekiel Barzey and how he credits the Golden Company with changing his life here:

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