New flexible work spaces designed to boost wellbeing available in Haggerston

6 Orsman Road benefits from a prime position in Haggerston

6 Orsman Road benefits from a prime position in Haggerston - Credit: Archant

A cutting-edge building in Haggerston, offering private workspaces which can be adapted to suit customers’ needs and enhance productivity, has been unveiled.

The workspaces have been designed to allow for maximum flexibility

The workspaces have been designed to allow for maximum flexibility - Credit: Archant

Located on the banks of Regent’s Canal, 6 Orsman Road comprises 34,000sq ft across five floors. The building champions the use of sustainable materials and has been constructed using an innovative hybrid structure. This combines cross laminated timber (CLT) and steel, meaning that the whole building can ultimately be demounted and repurposed.

Storey is British Land’s solution to flexible private workspace; flexible in terms of lease length, size of office, layout and design, and a suite of all-inclusive services.

This nimble approach allows customers to create an office that is truly designed and built around their company’s needs.

6 Orsman Road has been designed to cater for businesses with 20+ employees and customers will benefit from the ‘Storey spine system’, which offers a re-configurable office model, enabling workspaces to easily adapt to suit changing requirements.

The office building includes relaxed lounge areas and terraces with panoramic views of London

The office building includes relaxed lounge areas and terraces with panoramic views of London - Credit: Archant

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Panoramic views across London with onsite amenities

Customers of 6 Orsman Road will be able to enjoy a range of onsite amenities, including private and shared rooftop terraces with panoramic views over London. The spacious terraces have been specifically designed to allow multiple working styles through the use of outdoor shading, providing a range of spaces to suit everyone’s needs.

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Additional amenities will include generous cycling and shower facilities complete with fresh towels. Storey have also partnered with the Shoreditch Trust’s social enterprise training Restaurant Waterhouse, who will run the café on the ground floor. The café will serve a range of local and ethically sourced healthy food.

Championing sustainable materials

Designed by locally based and leading architectural practice Waugh Thistleton Architects, Storey’s 6 Orsman Road is championing the use of sustainable materials for flexible offices. The building’s design is aligned to the core principles of sustainability and throughout the design process there has been a focus on reducing environmental impact by reusing or recycling materials where possible.

A cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure has been used to reduce the building’s impact on the environment. Compared to concrete and steel, CLT production requires less water and energy to manufacture. CLT is also exposed internally, minimising the number of finishes used on the structure. The offcuts from the building have been repurposed to make furniture within the shared spaces of the building.

Designed to enhance productivity and wellbeing

Everything from the exposed timber to the waterside setting has been designed to make customers feel calm, focused and inspired.

Storey worked with leading acousticians Sandy Brown to develop acoustics guidelines for the office to ensure that there were a range of spaces where productivity would not be impacted by bustle and noise. The timber surfaces and panels within the building have a special acoustic benefit, absorbing sound to improve comfort.

Other areas within the building have been created for noisier and more collaborative work, such as the lounge and the café, ensuring activities at different noise levels happen in different spaces.

Throughout, a range of all-natural materials have been used, including clay finishes and marmoleum tiles, which when paired with natural daylight and air-purifying plants come together to create a working environment that actively boosts productivity and improves wellbeing.

Tranquil location in London’s latest creative hub

The offices are in a prime position on the bank of the tranquil Regent’s Canal in Haggerston, between Shoreditch, Hoxton and Dalston.

Haggerston benefits from fantastic cycling routes across London and is conveniently located on Super Cycle Highway 1.

Customers can cycle to and from work with ease, reaching Shoreditch in six minutes, Broadgate in eight minutes and Liverpool Street in 10 minutes.

For more information or to see a virtual tour of 6 Orsman Road, contact the Storey sales team on 020 7467 3451 or Alternatively, visit their website

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