Former Hackney Wick manager Chris Davis: My next job needs to be the right one for me

Chris Davis (left) looks on from the touchline at the Old Spotted Dog (pic: Tim Edwards).

Chris Davis (left) looks on from the touchline at the Old Spotted Dog (pic: Tim Edwards). - Credit: Archant

The UEFA B License holder has already been made one concrete offer from an Essex Senior League club

Chris Davis is looking forward to his next challenge after leaving Hackney Wick, but knows he has to pick his next job carefully.

The experienced manager parted company with the Old Spotted Dog outfit by mutual consent on August 13.

Davis admitted the time was right to move on after spending over three years in charge of London Bari before they merged with Wick.

“Originally my plan was to take a break, but among all the texts and calls I got were a few messages from teams,” said the UEFA B License holder.

“They were asking if I planned to rest or carry on and a few of the offers have been really good, so I am considering them.

“I have been to a couple of sessions and had a few chats with some chairman and spoke to a few managers who already know me.

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“The biggest thing for me is whatever it is, it has to suit me and make me feel the way I was feeling when I was at London Bari.

“If that doesn’t happen then I don’t think it is the right one for me, but at the moment I am still considering the options I have on the table.”

Wick’s announcement over a week ago was somewhat of a surprise, although Davis did reveal he felt something wasn’t right.

After speaking to his partner following the 4-1 defeat at Sawbridgeworth Town on August 12, the experienced manager then made the decision to leave his post.

Bari and Wick merged as one earlier in the summer and both parties expressed how it was a beneficial move for the two clubs.

Tony Ray, previously the chairman of London Bari, remained in his role and Davis explained how all of his communication occurred through him.

He said: “To be fair I don’t really know the people at Hackney Wick and I was still speaking to the chairman who brought me in from London Bari.

“All my communication was with the chairman Tony, so when I decided on the Saturday night I phoned him and said what the situation was and that I didn’t think it was working.

“I stated some different reasons why it wasn’t right and some were personal, others football reasons and some were to do with the whole new set-up.

“After I told him this he did try to convince me to change my mind and said I should speak to the people from Hackney Wick, but I said all I know is London Bari and that is because of the chairman. I just felt it was about time I moved on.”

Davis is now out of work, but has received one concrete offer from a club in the Essex Senior League.

Some Bostik North teams have also registered an interest in the former London Bari manager after his recent departure.

But Davis is taking his time before making a decision over what he is going to do now, adding: “I have had a few chats with clubs in the Isthmian North and the Essex Senior League.

“I have had conversations with three Essex Senior League teams, but this is just me being asked what I am doing and the plan.

“Nobody has said anything about a job, well actually one has, so it might come out on their website if I did eventually take it.

“One of them has offered me something and I am considering it, but like I said I will probably make a decision soon.”

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