Greg and Kelly both win fights at the indigO2

Thai boxers from KO Gym victorious

East London-based Thai boxing club KO Gym sent two of its top fighters to compete in a night of professional Muay Thai kick-boxing at the prestigious London indigO2 at the O2 earlier this month.

First of the KO Gym’s fighters to grace the ring was Amanda Kelly, who continued her winning streak by stopping Italian Chantal Ughi in the first round in one minute and 50 seconds, with a left elbow to the head.

Form the first bell, Amanda pressed forward punching and kneeing her opponent with unmerciful tenacity.

This dominance caused the referee to declare Ughi unfit to continue.

Next up was Greg Wootton fighting against Luke Turner from the Bad Company Gym in Leeds, in a clash to decide the number one fighter in the UK.

This was a display of Muay Thai in its truest form, with both fighters showing excellent technical skills in the first three rounds, working the clinch, managing clever throw downs and lots of effective kicks.

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In the third round, Wootton suffered a cut to the top of his head due to an elbow, but didn’t let that stop him on his way to a split decision victory.

Both fighters are two-time World champions who are trained by KO Gym coach and founder Bill Judd.

He has trained fighters since the 1970s, and has produced British, European, Intercontinental, Commonwealth and World champions at all levels of the sport.