Hammers’ Olympic Stadium “handover” blasted by Assembly member

“Club will rue the day they lumbered themselves,” warns Boff

Reports West Ham have emerged as the favoured bidders over rivals, Spurs, to take control of the Olympic Stadium in 2012 was condemned today (Thusrday) by London Assembly Conservative Group Olympic spokesman, Andrew Boff.

Speaking after media reports that the Olympic Park Legacy Company has opted for the West Ham bid, Mr Boff, a Hackney resident and former Dalston ward councillor, said: “If it is true that West Ham has secured the Olympic Stadium, then it is a terrible decision.

“The West Ham bid will cost the tax payer �40million; the Spurs bid would have cost nothing.

“West Ham United will rue the day they lumbered themselves with the Olympic Stadium, whereas the Spurs bid would have succeeded.

“I suspect that when it becomes clear to West Ham that operating an athletics stadium as a football ground will not work they will tear it down and build a football-only stadium instead.

“And of course there won’t have been a penny of the �23m spent on restoring Crystal Palace, as Spurs had promised. So where will the athletics legacy be then? Nowhere.

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“It is a terrible, terrible shame.”