Ian Napa set for a return to the boxing ring?

Former European champion set to move up to super-bantamweight

Clapton fighter Ian Napa could be back in the ring this November, competing as a super-bantamweight.

It has been a tough few months for the Hackney man, who has lost his two consecutive British bantweight title fights.

Napa has had issues with competing in the category and at 32, those struggles are unlikely to ease up.

In his last outing, Napa was forced to quit in the eighth round against Stuart Hall last April, after he could not contend with the extreme heat at Peterlee Leisure Centre.

It was a frustrating retirement, with Napa comfortably ahead of the judges scorecards and with morale low after the latest setback, there were whispers of retirement.

It looks as though those plans have been put to one side for now, with a move up to super-bantamweight the more likely option.

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“It’s all down to him, he certainly has the ability. It’s about desire and whether he really wants to have another shot,” said trainer Brian Lawrence, who does not feel a step up in weight will force Napa to make too many changes to his style of boxing.

“He was one of the strongest in the bantamweight division and of course with Ian being only five foot one, he is used to fighting taller boxers, so again that won’t make too much difference.

“He is still training with me and if he wants it, I am hopeful we can get him on a show in November which Frank Maloney is promoting.”