Olubamiwo to back his boxing ability not just his power

Hackney fighter still confident he can make a mark in the sport

Clapton heavyweight Larry Olubamiwo has vowed to back his boxing ability and not just his power, to take him to the top.

At 6ft 4in and around 260lbs, the Hackney fighter is always going to have the strength for a speedy knockout and six wins inside the first round from 12 contests is testament to that.

However after suffering a first round knockout defeat to John McDermott in February, the James Cook-trained fighter wants to reassess his approach.

“I started too quickly and I obviously wasn’t happy with the fight but I have come to terms with it now. Losing that fight wasn’t the end of the world,” he said.

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“I left my chin out and I didn’t hold enough after the first knockdown.

“It made me realise that I have to start backing my boxing ability because I know I am a good boxer and should be more confident.

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“I know I can knock people out, but I believe my best fight came against Paul Butlin. It took me eight rounds to beat him but I, and people I respect, thought that was my best boxing performance so far.”

Olubamiwo concedes there are plenty of improvements to be made and on reflection conceded the McDermott fight may have come a touch too early.

“I need to work on my defence. I had worked hard on it and I thought it was okay but looking at the fight it needs to improve,” he said.

“I do need more experience before I fight someone of McDermott’s calibre.”

The lead up to the contest dragged on due to contractual disputes with former promoter Frank Maloney. It meant Olubamiwo was training hard and in fighting shape for well over a year and so after the bout took a well-earned rest from the sport.

Two months on and the Hackney man is refreshed and ready to get back to putting in some hard work.

“I have been doing a bit of running and a bit of training but I am going to start to crank things up again,” he said.

“The hunger is still there and never left and hopefully I will be in the ring again in September or October. I was offered the chance to fight in May but it just didn’t feel right.

“My goals are the same now as they always have been, but from now on I will be taking it one fight at a time.”

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