Aerial performer reaches new heights

MOVEMENT and music have long gone hand in hand but one performer will, quite literally, be taking her art to new heights next week.

Aerial performer Gisele Edwards is joining forces with violinist Alexander Balanescu and accordionist Evelina Petrova for a unique take on the symbiotic relationship between strings, space and dance.

Commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra and held in the collective’s venue at St Luke’s Music Centre in Old Street, the performance is the brainchild of Ms Edwards.

It will see her twist, contort and swing her body through the upper structure of the 18th Century building, all to the soundtrack of her classical collaborators.

The performer – who is also a composer and vocalist with her own funk fusion band, Fuxian – first discovered a synthesis between her aerial work and love of music in 2006.

She started using increasingly intricate, and often architecturally elaborate, spaces to bring extra dimension and skill to her performances.

Many of her previous shows have been set in cathedrals and old warehouses.

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Since making a name for herself in music and dance circles, she has fronted some high profile shows.

Her 2006 work, Violin and Rope, was selected for the Festival of Firsts at the Royal Opera House’s experimental venue Linbury Studio.

She explained her aim as attempting to “climb inside the music”.

At the Trafalgar Square Festival in the same year, she performed her circus routine on a suspended hoop, while simultaneously singing.

Two years later her band performed at Trafalgar Square to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Next month, she will be tackling the clock tower at St Pancras station with her aerial acrobatics.

Sound and Space shows at LSO St Luke’s at 161 Old Street on February 3.

Tickets range from �8 to �22 and the show starts at 8pm.

See for details.

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