Album review: Broncho – Bad Behavior

The album cover for Broncho's Bad Behaviour.

The album cover for Broncho's Bad Behaviour. - Credit: Archant

A slinky, slick and lascivious set from Oklahoma’s Broncho that’s part art-rock, part psych-pop.

As their slightly lascivious music suggests, this Oklahoma four-piece have been around the block once or twice already.

Thankfully what that means is their fourth album was recorded in their own studio-cum-performance-space-cum-visual-experimentation-station in Tulsa’s downtown warehouse district, allowing them to go at their own pace and explore themselves to their art’s content (ahem).

The best of the music here is a kind of lo-fi psych-pop that evokes the effortless, almost weary, cool of The Strokes’ debut, mixing rock’n’roll attitude and art-school dogma with pop heart to appealing effect.

There’s more than a dash of MGMT-style brightness, too, coupled with a Marc Bolan twang in Ryan Lindsey’s svelte vocals, which he delivers with sardonic wit – if you’re lucky enough to catch more than a line or two amid the shoegaze-y, echo-laden treatment.

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Between this and the limber bass plucks, funky guitar licks and suggestive uh-uhs and ohs, the songs certainly play up to the title.

But it’s not trite; the band toured Blighty and Europe with Queens Of The Stone Age last year and Bad Behaviour’s music is slick, tight and assured. This is mirrored in the almost blasé confidence they ooze in their music videos – check out the filmic, 12-minute double feature for Sandman and Boys Got To Go for a lesson in arty, compelling storytelling.

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In lesser hands the bassline underpinning Sandman might ape the Stones’ Jumpin’ Jack Flash a little too closely, but here Penny Pitchlynn’s fine fretwork and Lindsey’s enthralling semi-drone vocals take it closer to Tame Impala’s groovy territory.

As with most types of bad behaviour, it won’t be long before you find something to like.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Broncho play the Moth Club, Hackney, on Friday March 1. More details and tickets here.

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