New east London artwork tells the story of Hackney Wick

Sculptor and painter Alex Fox has unveiled his artwork in Hackney Wick 

Sculptor and painter Alex Fox has unveiled his artwork in Hackney Wick - Credit: Alex Fox

A new piece of artwork has been unveiled in Hackney Wick, it pays tribute to the area's past, present and future. 

Painter and sculptor Alex Fox's new offering to the graffiti-clad, colour-filled neighbourhood is a six-panel entrance made from laser-cut steel.

The panels are designed to be read in sequence from left to right, featuring locations and characters based on the artist's own experiences of the area as well as its unique history.

Alex, who is based in Hackney, said: "The area has changed dramatically [over] time and I aimed to create something that encapsulated it’s different incarnations.”

The artwork forms the entrance to Stone Studios, a new development on Wallis Rd.

The panels tell the story of Hackney Wick, from its days as the site of one of the largest sweet manufacturers in Europe, Clarnico, to its post-industrial decline and revival as a hive of artistic activity. 

The Clarnico company was founded in 1872 and was based in Waterden Road. 

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By the 1930s it was the country's largest general confectionery manufacturer.

Alex's art piece also depicts the area as it exists today, full of taprooms, restaurants, flats, tech businesses and offices.

He said: "As an artist who has worked here in Hackney Wick for over 12 years I felt I could tell a bit of the story of this part of London."

The artwork was made from steel and powder which was coated then assembled to form two layers.

It joins the many pieces of graffiti, street art and murals dotted across Hackney Wick.

Many can be viewed along the Lea Navigation towpath, Hertford Union Canal, on Fish Island, at Crate Brewery, White Post Lane, Wallis Road, the Lord Napier pub and Prince Edward Road.

The infamous Lord Napier pub  in Hackney Wick, known for its graffiti-clad walls, will reopen its doors this August.

The infamous Lord Napier pub in Hackney Wick, known for its graffiti-covered walls - Credit: Electric Star Pubs

Alex Fox has exhibited his work at Stratford's East Village, the London Art Fair and the Royal Academy. Some of his work is also on permanent display at the Stratford Olympic Village.

Alex Fox's panels can now be viewed at Stone Studios at 117 Wallis Rd.

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