Can you guess Secret Cinema’s next exploit? Find out first hand - tickets on sale now

What will Secret Cinema's next exploit be?

What will Secret Cinema's next exploit be? - Credit: Archant

It wouldn’t be surprising if Secret Cinema’s lofty-sounding promise their latest radical venture will be the “biggest cultural event of the year” actually turns out to be true.

What will Secret Cinema's next exploit be?

What will Secret Cinema's next exploit be? - Credit: Archant

If it surpasses their last mind-blowing production in Hackney, which saw over 20,000 film fans become prisoners at a former school converted into a state penitentiary for the Shawshank Redemption, it might well do.

Be G.O.O.D.

Be G.O.O.D. - Credit: Archant

Secret Cinema’s immersive cinema experience has drummed up a massive cult following for the concept which asks you to sign up to watch an unknown film in an undisclosed location.

Are we?

Are we? - Credit: Archant

Once there you get to live the movie before watching it on the screen.

The new production – the “most audacious journey to date” apparently - is shrouded in mystery, and stipulates audience members will become part of “G.O.O.D.” - a global information company which will see them dedicate their creative energy towards increased happiness and radical change.

Secret Cinema has announced that after five years of independence they have received a major funding package from G.O.O.D. - the “visionary architects of our bold, new creative and hopeful society.”

There will be a secret G.O.O.D. recruitment centre opening in London – and this has nothing to do with the American technology company Good by the way.

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Secret Cinema’s creative director Fabien Riggall said: “With Prometheus the audience met at night to perform special training tasks, during The Shawshank Redemption 21,000 people were sent to prison - we see an audience looking to participate in ways that have not been seen before, a complete immersion into culture.”

He added: “It appears that they share our desire to create a more adventurous, romantic and truly social offline world’

The London show will take place simultaneously in New York and Athens and runs from April 25 to June 9.

To book tickets priced at £43.50 or £33.50 for concessions