Catch the ‘weird noise rock’ of Hackney’s Cagework

Cagework: Picture: Dave Hickman

Cagework: Picture: Dave Hickman - Credit: Dave Hickman

Three-piece rock band, Cagework, are making waves in the live-music venues of Hackney, and now there are rumours of a second album on the horizon.

In January, they played a near-maximum capacity gig at the Victoria in Dalston and with their first album already under their belts and rumours of an upcoming European tour, the sky appears to be the limit for the trio.

For those who haven't heard Cagework yet, they describe their sound as "weird noise rock", but you will have to hear for yourself what that means.

The band started as a side-project for front man Sam Bedford, 26, but after moving to London he received a message from now-drummer James Luxton, 23, saying: "Do you want to make some music together?"

After this the band just "kind of happened".

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Since then they have been playing regularly in the borough, featuring at popular live-music haunts such as the Victoria and the Shacklewell Arms, Hackney Downs, building an increasingly impressive following in the process.

Sam said: "There are definitely more people coming out. [At the Victoria in January] that was when we noticed more people coming to gigs. We get a lot more offers for shows now too."

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But despite recent success, Cagework say there is a lot of pressure on bands in the UK.

"The market is over-saturated at the moment," said bassist Russel Marshall, 33. "I'm constantly shocked by the number of bands that I think are famous that still have day jobs. Its sickening."

"A lot of bands that are really good get completely swept under the rug because they don't fit in with how certain music media wants to portray stuff," said Bedford.

But rather than letting the pressure get to them, the trio say they've agreed to stop looking at what's going on around them, and just focus on making their own music.

"I've been so much happier not knowing what's been happening," said Russel.

With a clear resurgence in the success of live music bands in Hackney its an exciting time to get out and support local up and coming artists.

"Yeah guitar music is cool again," said Russel.

You can see Cagework on April 2 at the Shacklewell Arms, E8.

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