What’s on this weekend: V. Sichuan’s vegan pop-up at Pamela, Dalston


Vsichuan - Credit: Archant

The plant-based pop-up offers tatsy sharing plates and carefully-crafted cocktails.

Catch it while you can – Dalston’s plant-based bar Pamela has a tasty new kitchen resident until June 16. V Sichuan is a Chinese-inspired vegan pop-up serving up an intriguing selection of sharing plates. There’s options of mild or ‘Chonqing’ levels of heat and numbing thanks to the tongue-tingling bite of the Sichuan peppercorns that feature in many of the dishes. Top picks include the mapo tofu, a hearty bowl of silken tofu disintegrated amongst salty black beans, fiery chilli, sesame and sharp peppercorns.

Aside from the mapo tofu and tangy ‘fish-fragrant’ aubergines, most other dishes are cold. The most standout being the unusual but rather delicious ‘finger thick noodles’: huge, chewy noodles bathed in a concoction of sesame, chilli, garlic and soy. Other dishes include fresh crock pickles, wild garlic and ‘stomach openers’: fungi in soy and sesame, cucumber and boiled peanuts to warm you up for the intense flavours to come.

The food pairs well with the bar staff’s artfully crafted cocktails, such as the rose-infused gin, elderflower and citrus topped off with Asian herbs. Fascinating, fun food in a relaxed atmosphere.

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