Lido and pond scenes on display at Hampstead Heath

Parliament Hill Lido Cafe painting

Parliament Hill Lido Cafe painting - Credit: Becky Baur

Scenes of the pool and men's pond are on display on the walls of the Parliament Hill Lido Cafe.

Hackney artist Becky Baur's work covers a variety of subject matters including, still life, imaginary settings, and imagery of the Hampstead Ponds.

Men's Pond, Hampstead Heath

Men's Pond, Hampstead Heath - Credit: Becky Baur

"The work uses vibrant colour and a more subtle palette for landscape paintings and giclée prints," said Baur, who graduated in Fine Art from Brighton before working as a freelance textile designer for fashion brands such as Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and M&S.

She has also turned her hand to illustrating children's books, and sells a range of cards, stationary, cushions and mugs at

Parliament Hill Lido painting

Parliament Hill Lido painting - Credit: Becky Baur

Her exhibition at the Lido Cafe includes a series of paintings on cardboard, canvas and wood and runs until February 14.

Yellow jug and tomatoes still life 

Yellow jug and tomatoes still life - Credit: Becky Baur