Artistic and cultural influences meet in eye-catching ceramics

Lubna Chowdhary

Lubna Chowdhary - Credit: Peter Kelleher

Cultural and artistic influences mix and meet in the work of Tanzanian-born artist Lubna Chowdhary.

Her wall, floor and plinth-based ceramics, which reveal a longstanding interest in urbanisation and materials, are on show at PEER in Hoxton Street this month.

Lubna Chowdhary

Lubna Chowdhary Certain Times, 2021 Ceramic - Credit: Alberto Balazs

Some of Chowdhary's sculptures and arranged tableaux are un-glazed, while others are colourful and exquisitely executed, combining industrial manufacturing technology such as water-jet cutting, with hand-applied glazes.

Three wooden sculptures on the gallery floor are partly inspired by her research into colonial period furniture in the Victoria and Albert Museum where she was fascinated by the subtle code switching of British Victorian domestic styles, interpreted by locally-employed Indian craftsmen.


Lubna Chowdhary Sign 4, 2021 Ceramic - Credit: Alberto Balazs

This ease of cultural use and misuse is echoed elsewhere in the work of an artist who mixes her Western art school education with cultural references as an Asian Muslim who moved to England in the early 70s.

In a push-and-pull dialogue, a modernist purity of form duets with a desire for exuberant colour and ornamentation that references both Islamic architectural decoration and geometric minimalism.


Disobedient Typologies by Lubna Chowdhary - Credit: Nick Higgins

The exhibition title Erratics, refers to large boulders displaced from their original geological context through glacial flows. They have permanently settled into their new alien context while retaining their material integrity.

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Lubna Chowdhary Erratics runs at PEER, Hoxton Street, N1 until November 20.