Volcano paintings go 'Boom' at Shoreditch gallery

Oof by Paul Davis

Oof by Paul Davies which will go on show at Shoreditch's Jealous Gallery. - Credit: Courtesy of Jealous Gallery

Volcano paintings by artist and illustrator Paul Davis erupt this month at Shoreditch's Jealous Gallery.

‘BOOM!’ is the Curtain Road venue's first solo exhibition of the year and continues afterwards at their sister gallery in Crouch End.

Drawing on nature's most explosive power as a catalyst for life itself, Davis' bold multi-media works explore what it means to be human, from the joys and triumphs to the failures and worries.

One of Paul Davis' volcano paintings on show at Jealous Galleries in Shoreditch and Crouch End

One of Paul Davis' volcano paintings on show at Jealous Galleries in Shoreditch and Crouch End - Credit: Courtesy of Jealous Gallery

A selection of drawings shown alongside act an obsessive diary of the artist's remembered or overheard moments.

Yes Volcano by Paul Davis

Yes Volcano by Paul Davis - Credit: Courtesy of Jealous Gallery

He says: "Volcanoes are mind-blowing and sometimes so are we. Humans are astonishingly adept at invention and destruction. Starting about 3.8 billion years ago, experts say volcanoes are responsible for at least 80 percent of the land and for unlocking pretty much all of the water held in the rock on our 4.6 billion-year-old planet. Atmosphere, weather systems, oceans and eventually organisms exist due to this process. Without these nourishing, mountainous taps, life—including us—wouldn’t exist.”

‘BOOM!’ runs May 12 to 23 at Jealous East, 53 Curtain Road EC2A then continues from May 27 at Jealous North, 27 Park Road. N8.


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