Duckworth hangs up Cape to forge new identity

Sam Duckworth, whose stage name Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly will be dropped after September 12.

Sam Duckworth, whose stage name Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly will be dropped after September 12. - Credit: Archant

They say when you are a performing star it is never easy to know when exactly to step away from the spotlight.

Your management or core group of fans may clamour for more, but what is the correct decision?

Sam Duckworth, better known as Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, has faced this decision in recent months, not that it appears to have proved too agonising for him.

Speaking ahead of his 10-date farewell tour which concludes at the Kentish Town Forum next month, Duckworth seems relieved to have called time on his decade-long indie rock solo project.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly will be best remembered for debut album “Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager”, from which four singles were released. The album sold more than 60,000 copies.

The Southend-born musician, though, can also be proud of two Top 40 albums, collaborations with Billy Bragg and Kate Nash to name just a few other achievements.

“I don’t think I can handle being called Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly when I am in my 30s,” says the 28-year-old who decided on the moniker after seeing the title of a computer magazine section.

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So how does he reflect on Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly?

“I look back on it like a lot of people look at university,” he says. “I really enjoyed 90 per cent of it, but I could not do it everyday.

“It is time to graduate out of that and do something new.

“It is not for any acrimonious reasons [to stop Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly] but it is the best time to do it and to have a party.”

And a party it will be. Firstly, Duckworth will tour the country’s renowned rock venues as part of the send-off with just his guitar and laptop, before playing with a full band at the Kentish Town Forum.

Duckworth insists musically, at least, nothing much will change on any future project and it will be more or less just a name change.


Duckworth says it has been exciting to put his efforts into new projects in his Hoxton studio, called Amazing Grace, named after Spiritualized’s album.

He is keen to streamline his efforts and make his projects more “considered”, rather than the “schizophrenic” approach adopted for his last two albums – a self-titled effort and Maps.

“I am going to do some solo stuff,” he explains, before adding: “And just concentrate on me and the guitar.”

- Get Cape. Wear Cape, Fly plus Shy FX, The Xcerts and Jehst will play the Kentish Town Forum, 9-17 Highgate Road, on September 12. Tickets for all 10 tour dates available from