"Rakes have a song in their hearts, and their smiles give it away... be recklessly happy."

So goes a life directive set by the fictional character that the plush lounge bar, Rake's, at the five-star hotel Andaz in Shoreditch, is named after.

The new sushi and Champagne menu available there certainly does inspire feelings of recklessness and happiness - after all, it's scientifically proven the French fizz goes straight to your head, and makes you feel tipsy - fast.

In the plush setting of Rake’s Parlour, seated side by side on a cobalt chaise longue, my date and I shared a bottle.

There's an impressive list of 21 choices, starting at £70 for a Veuve Clicquot and going up to £300 for the Ruinart Magnum.

Meanwhile, the top quality sushi is handmade to order in the hotel's very own Japanese restaurant Miyako.

Its head chef, Kosei Sakamoto, has created a simple menu which focuses on fresh, authentic dishes, and works with suppliers to source ethically sourced fish.

Items are priced individually from £3.50 for a single piece of sushi or sashimi, while a platter like the Miyako special - which includes nine nigiri, a maki and a uramaki roll - comes in at £26.50.

Rake's Parlour is laid back and yet stylishly luxurious.

Relaxing in its cavernous surroundings, adorned with lashings of red velvet and gold gilded mirrors against a background of funky, ambient music, we couldn't think of a better spot to go all out and enjoy the decadent duo.

The mid-17th century word 'rake' denoted a fashionable or wealthy man of immoral or promiscuous habits.

But the modern day version of a rake that the hotel imagines its clientele might emulate - as detailed on its website - is "of any gender, probably wealthy, and definitely fashionable - in their own way".

"Unembarrassed, unabashed, they are never afraid to tell you what they think, or show you how it's done," they add.

After a couple of glasses of Champagne and as inhibitions give way it becomes natural to live life on those terms - and the night was certainly one to remember.

The Champagne and sushi menu makes a perfect choice for a catch up or post work with friends, a celebratory occasion, or for the ultimate romantic date.

See bit.ly/3tE0lxm for more details.

Andaz, 40 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7QN.