8 Michelin star restaurants to visit in Hackney

Cornerstone founder Chef Tom Brown. 

Cornerstone founder Chef Tom Brown. - Credit: Lateef Okonnu

As restrictions ease more people will be venturing out to explore all the culinary delights Hackney has to offer.

With three of the borough's restaurants being awarded Michelin stars in 2021 there are plenty of award-winning dishes to sink your teeth into. 

Here are the eight Michelin star restaurants in Hackney.

Casa Fofó, Hackney Downs

158 Sandringham Rd, London E8 2HS

A dish at Casa Fofó in Hackney Downs. 

A dish at Casa Fofó in Hackney Downs. - Credit: Camila Almeida

Chef Adolfo De Cecco offers improvisational, international cuisine at his Hackney eatery, Casa Fofó.

It opened in April 2019 with a small budget and team but was awarded a Michelin star in 2021. 

Casa Fofó has a set menu which features seasonal ingredients sourced by local producers and suppliers. 

A dish at Cornerstone in Hackney Wick. 

A dish at Cornerstone in Hackney Wick. - Credit: Lateef Okonnu

Cornerstone, Hackney Wick

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3 Prince Edward Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LX

Chef Tom Brown who was a finalist on the Great British Menu in 2018 opened his Hackney Wick restaurant in April 2018. 

It offers simple, yet sophisticated seafood sharing plates which change daily.

GQ chef of the year in 2020, Brown, who was raised in Cornwall says his restaurant's sole focus is making sure customers have the most enjoyable experience possible.

His aim is to serve flavour and good times rather than pretentious food. 

Cornerstone was awarded a Michelin star this year. 

Cornerstone founder Chef Tom Brown. 

Cornerstone founder Chef Tom Brown. - Credit: Lateef Okonnu

Mãos, Shoreditch

41 Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ

Executive chef Edoardo Pellicano is at the helm of Mãos, a restaurant dedicated to culinary freedom, food exploration and shared experience. 

The Shoreditch restaurant opened in April 2018 by Hostem and Blue Mountain School founder James Brown. 

Chef Pellicano and his team deliver a menu for only 16 guests each evening and the restaurant has garnered a reputation for its innovative approach and focus on research and development.

Mãos  was awarded its first Michelin star just 18 months after opening.

Mãos in Shoreditch. 

Mãos in Shoreditch. - Credit: Blue Mountain School

Behind, London Fields

20 Sidworth St, London E8 3SD

Behind is an intimate fish focused tasting menu restaurant run by chef Andy Beynon. 

The restaurant plus wine bar seats 18 and was awarded a Michelin in 2021, just 20 days after it started trading. 

​Benyon spent 15 years working in some of the best Michelin star restaurants in the country, including with chefs Claude Bosi, Phil Howard and Michael Wignall. 

​The restaurant offers one dinner and lunch sitting and all guests are served their food at the same time. 

All courses are served to diners by the the restaurant's chefs and the kitchen is in full view of guests, giving them a behind the scenes look at the way their food is cooked. 

Brat, Hackney

Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London, E1

Brat restaurant in Shoreditch.

Brat restaurant in Shoreditch. - Credit: Brat

Tomos Parry's Shoreditch restaurant uses earthy cooking techniques like flame grilling to create Basque-inspired plates. 

The bistro has a commitment to ensuring its game meat and fish are wild as well as traceable and sustainably sourced. 

The restaurant came second at the 2019 UK National Restaurant Awards and picked up a Michelin Star in 2019. 

It also boasts a diverse range of Sherry's and wines. 

Brat restaurant serves Basque-inspired plates. 

Brat restaurant serves Basque-inspired plates. - Credit: Benjamin Mcmahon

Leroy, Shoreditch

18 Phipp St, London EC2A 4NU

Sommelier Ed Thaw, Co-founder of Leroy restaurant. 

Sommelier Ed Thaw, Co-founder of Leroy restaurant. - Credit: Ed Thaw / Joe Woodhouse

Leroy is an east London restaurant which services a seasonal set menu for lunch and dinner paired with natural and classic wines. 

The wine bar and restaurant was founded by sommeliers Ed Thaw and Jack Lewens. It aims for simplicity and flavour, delivering thoughtful not showy food. 

It was awarded a Michelin Star in 2019 just months after opening. 

Borlotti at Leroy restaurant in Shoreditch. 

Borlotti at Leroy restaurant in Shoreditch. - Credit: Ed Thaw / Joe Woodhouse

The Clove Club, Shoreditch

Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St, London EC1V 9LT

The Clove Club is located in Shoreditch town hall and offers an innovative British menu, with chefs utilising under appreciated ingredients. 

The restaurant opened in March 2013 and is named after the original 2010 supper club hosted by founders Daniel Willis, Isaac Mchale and Johnny Smith.

It boasts thoughtful, precise and elegant food in a relaxed setting. 

It has 1 Michelin Star. 

Lyle’s, Shoreditch

Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ

Lyle's is a seasonal British restaurant with set tasting menus. 

Dishes appear as unadorned as the tea room they are served in, once owned by Lipton, they deliver depth and sophistication. 

The restaurant has 1 Michelin Star. 

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