Home of the metre-long pizza opens in Finsbury Park

A man holds a metre-long pizza from Slice in Finsbury Park.

Feeling hungry? Slice has opened in Finsbury Park. - Credit: Slice

Much like the New York atmosphere it is trying to replicate, Finsbury Park’s newest pizzeria blends Italian influence with the truth that everything is bigger in America. 

Slice, which has opened at 266 Seven Sisters Road, offers metre-long pizzas as well as more manageable slices, while there are dips, light salads, drinks and puddings.

If you have the appetite, or enough people in your group, the metre long is worth a go – even if it is just for the experience of having other diners turn in awe as a giant board is carried through the restaurant to be placed down on a stand of huge tins of tomatoes.

Slice serves up metre-long pizzas

Slice serves up metre-long pizzas - Credit: Slice

And then there is the taste: Slice, which also has locations in the South Bank and in Oxford, has perfected a selection of toppings which can be enjoyable even if blown up to meter-long proportions.

There is the Hawaii Not?, created to convert sceptics who feel pineapple has no place on a pizza, the Sgt Peperonata, a vegan take on the classic pepperoni, and Artichokes with Crispy Prosciutto and Truffle, which wouldn’t sound out of place on the Buckingham Palace menu.

I go for the "when in Rome" choice of the Penne Alla Vodka Slice, which, as the name suggests, indeed has pasta on dough. But alongside tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil, the carbs-on-carbs option turns out to be less daring than the "so wrong it’s right" tag it comes with. 

Slice is a project from Pizza Pilgrims.

Slice is a project from Pizza Pilgrims. - Credit: Slice

And that’s just the first half, as on the pudding menu is a metre-long Nutella and Philly Grissini. It’s so substantial that if you stood it up on top of the pizza then only a select few people in history would be able to jump over it. But for those still digesting the main course, there is the much smaller Cookie Dough Cannoli, while Slice also boasts a top selection of local ales, American and Italian beers. 

The pizzeria also has Aperol Spritz Slushies and 80s arcade games. 

The pizzeria also has Aperol Spritz Slushies and 80s arcade games. - Credit: Slice

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Located opposite the official Arsenal shop, Slice could become a favourite for groups of (very) hungry football fans, but could attract a clientele as varied as the memorabilia, art work, and band posters on the walls. Then there are the arcade games. No matter the size of the meal, there is always room for a round of Pac Man!

For more information, visit: www.slicebypizzapilgrims.co.uk