Gritty Arcola play explores capital punishment

THERE is still a chance for those interested in political theatre to catch gritty American play As We Forgive Them.

It is 2008 and the upcoming US elections herald an era of change and optimism for newly elected Democrat Congressman John Daniels.

What should be the most exhilarating and testing time of his career turns into a tortuous nightmare as his only daughter is brutally murdered.

He is backed into a corner, forced to confront his liberal outlook, having to make the excruciating decision of whether he supports the death penalty for his daughter’s killer and renounce everything he’s ever stood for or stick by his values.

Described as an intense and thrilling drama, this new take on an age old debate sees one of the world’s most contentious issues through a new lens.

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As We Forgive Them is showing at the Arcola Theatre’s Studio 2, n Ashwin Street, Dalston until February 19.

Tickets can be bought at

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