Knight and Day

Cruise and Diaz reunite for action

DON’T let the trailers deter you – Knight and Day is not a soppy love story salvaging Tom Cruise’s fading popularity by slinging him together with the ever-popular Cameron Diaz.

In the capable hands of director James Mangold (Walk The Line), action comedy hasn’t had it so good since Arnie raced through a hotel on a white horse in spy romcom classic True Lies.

The rollercoaster plot may have more twists than Joaquim Phoenix’s sneer and more holes than Ozzy Osbourne’s brain – but that’s the idea.

All semblance of credibility vanishes within the first five minutes when Tom – sorry, awol secret agent Roy Miller – shoots down a plane full of passengers and crew, crashlands in a small town and drugs the only survivor, June Havens (Diaz), leaving her a couple of post it notes for when she wakes up.

Then Mangold blows the budget as our fated couple take the trip of their lives round the United States, the Azores, Austria and Spain – and all because someone has encapsulated the world’s energy supply in a battery, which Tom, er, Roy, is keeping in his pocket.

Mangold has done it again, definitely one to watch on the big screen. -