Catching up at Rio Cinema: Turkish sci-fi, cult faves and, er, scaffolding

A still from Gasper Noe's Climax, on at Rio Cinema this week

A still from Gasper Noe's Climax, on at Rio Cinema this week - Credit: Archant

Thirty years ago, the Gazette launched its weekend listings section Friday Live – including the latest from Dalston’s Rio Cinema. Now, it’s back! Alex Jackson brings us up to speed.

We at Hackney’s premier independent palace of pictures are very pleased to be able to bring readers up to date with some of the special stuff we’re screening to help ease you out of that bonkers summer, and into a truly golden autumn.

Coming soon we’ll be running Climax, a cautionary tale of pharmacological excess and edgy choreography. Director Gaspar Noe historically does well at Rio Towers, so we’re preparing for a big turnout.

We’re also going to be showing the upcoming Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga country-tinged romance A Star is Born (Part 3).

Early reviews suggest Gaga offers an Oscar-plumbing performance in this unmissable slice of autumnal passion; whatever will LORD Gaga think?!

On Saturday we offer a one-off, special 3D screening of classic Hitchcock blood-a-thon Dial M for Murder. Vibrant trendy blue and red glasses will be provided by the house for you to enjoy the intrigue from all angles.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, on that same Saturday we’re showing the truly epic Dünyay? Kurtaran Adam – aka Turkish Star Wars!

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Beyond cult, it’s an absolute treat for fans of Lucas-arts, bootlegs or low-fi projects with a hi-fi imagination.

This one’s a late night, so come down and treat yourself to a pint and a snack or two.

Finally, on Wednesday, Untitled Bar will be hosting a screening of Control, Anton Corbijn’s 2007 biopic of woebegone former Macclesfield resident Ian Curtis and his band of jolly balladeers Joy Division. It’s a rare opportunity to re-watch this noughties classic on the big screen.

You may have noticed scaffolding up around our beloved building over the summer.

That’s because we’ve been treating it to a much needed facelift after 103 years of hanging around on the corner of Kingsland Road.

We’re also proud to boast that our decorative neon lighting has been converted to an eco-friendlier LED system.

For more information about Rio Cinema’s programme including screen timings and ticket prices, visit read about the history of Friday Live in the Gazette, click here.

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