Not so Secret Cinema stages The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Credit: Archant

Quirky film director Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is the latest movie to get the Secret Cinema treatment

The hugely popular and innovative Secret Cinema role-play concept usually sees movie-lovers signing up to watch mystery films screened by organisers Future Cinema in undisclosed locations.

But this time around the film - which will not be officially released in the UK until over a week after the Secret Cinema screenings start – is not being kept under wraps.

At a cost of £53.50, avid film goers are invited to join the ranks of The Grand Budapest Hotel’s “distinguished guests” in a central London location, where they will be transported back in time to 1932 for a celebration of European glamour and romance during a night of mystery, romance, secrets and intrigue.

Having been given strict dress code instructions, the audience can explore the imaginary hotel’s dining rooms, restaurants, secret theatre and spa where live music, secret writers, special lectures and performances will unravel throughout the night before the film begins.

Since Secret Cinema launched in 2007 it has changed the way audiences experience cinema, creating theatrical worlds where audience members become part of the story.

The show will run until Sunday March 30, for more information see