Party Trap review: Palindromic play puts politics in a spin

Caption to come (Alex Brenner)

Caption to come (Alex Brenner) - Credit: Archant

Party Trap is a unique offering – an entirely palindromic play which (literally) reverses in tone halfway through.

Journalist Sir David Bradley (Simon Hepworth) is in the hot seat for a hotly anticipated televised interview with hard-nosed media secretary Amanda Barkham MP (Zara Plessard).

It’s instantly gripping as the near-future setting envisions a world whereby the tricky relationship between politicians and the media is at breaking point.

Sadly, the remarkable concept is slightly overwrought in delivery with the dystopian nightmare descending almost to farce as the power struggle between the characters turns darker (and bloodier).

Perhaps inevitably, some sentences work better during their initial delivery, while others make far more sense on repetition.

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But it’s certainly unforgettable and a must watch for Black Mirror fans as it will get you thinking about the fluidity of language.

The play runs at Shoreditch Town Hall until Saturday. Tickets cost £15. To book, visit

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