Pomona’s diner evokes Hockney’s Californian vibe

The Hockney-inspired decor in Pomona

The Hockney-inspired decor in Pomona - Credit: Archant

What’s striking as you enter Pomona’s is the David Hockney inspired décor.

The Hockney-inspired decor in Pomona

The Hockney-inspired decor in Pomona - Credit: Archant

Chairs in hues of bright orange and green, turquoise and canary yellow are almost the only touches of colour against a white palette in the Notting Hill restaurant.

Geometric shapes bring to mind the iconic artist’s 1970s “Malibu era”.

I’d seen photos of the place before turning up, and was sceptical the spacious white interior might feel too spartan on the freezing cold winter’s night we visited.

But warm lighting made it work, evoking a blissed-out, sunny Californian vibe - reflecting the food served up there.

Cocktails in Pomona (Photo: Pat Venditti)

Cocktails in Pomona (Photo: Pat Venditti) - Credit: Archant

The idea is to order three or four small plates, then to “take your time and chill out”, the manager told us.

The menu is an interesting fusion of the latest trendy raw, vegan fare, alongside the locally-sourced and seasonal concept.

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I loved the pure flavours of the sweet potato and avocado with a coconut yogurt kind of cheese.

Soft purply tinged blue corn tacos filled with deep-fried fleshy sea bass was “all quite nice” my friend enthused understatedly in his Canadian accent.

Pomona's Californian inspired dishes

Pomona's Californian inspired dishes - Credit: Archant

Steak tartare on toast came with a kimchi ferment, and the shredded brussel sprouts - effectively an uber-healthy coleslaw - was made appealing thanks to a pungent pecorino and crunchy hazelnuts.

Main courses include a juicy sea bass fillet served up with saffron-infused chewy pearl couscous, and a well-executed pork belly, with a buttery, smooth polenta.

Olive oil and truffle salt were an interesting and pleasant accompaniment to a creamy Valrhona chocolate desert.

The caramel aftertaste of the Pina Colada, served in a bamboo glass, made it the best I’ve ever had.

Sea bass with pearl couscous at Pomona

Sea bass with pearl couscous at Pomona - Credit: Archant

After a couple of cocktails we were definitely feeling the Californian vibe.