Queen of Hoxton launches Viking-style Skye Halla Wigwam

The Viking tipi at the Queen of Hoxton

The Viking tipi at the Queen of Hoxton - Credit: QOH

The roof top at the Queen of Hoxton is reinvented every season – and winter tends to be my favourite time of year.

Hot cocktails are served in cow horns at Skyehalla

Hot cocktails are served in cow horns at Skyehalla - Credit: QOH

This year is no exception with a Nordic Viking theme where they seem to have got the Danish ‘hygge’ concept down to a tee.

The dim light in the Skye Halla wigwam is very cosy and as you sip on hot vodka and mead punch cocktails served in cow horns it’s easy to forget you’re in the inner city.

There are fire pits, driftwood sculptures, shields and a longboat outside.

Suspended in the middle of the wigwam is a shrine to Yggdrasil where Viking warriors hang their offerings to the Norse gods, symbolising an immense mythical tree connecting the nine worlds.

Communal banqueting tables are surrounded by the discarded weapons of a battle apparently recently won.

Food is served in disposable boxes, and is simple but very tasty. On the menu is a pork belly ‘Hodhr’s Hotpot’, with apples and potatoes, or a slow braised turkey leg.

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Freyja’s Nettle Love Elixir is a very strong foraged cocktail, and is a mix of stinging nettle martini with elderflower, lemon, and an agave and nettle infused gin.

A series of immersive events are on offer, including workshops like Viking life drawing classes or chain maille jewellery workshops.

Queen of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Road, EC2A 3JX.