Radio Alice, Hoxton Square: Chef Slice Off heralds unique pizza toppings - like pig heart, cauliflower and jackfruit

The one-off pizzas at Radio Alice

The one-off pizzas at Radio Alice - Credit: radio alice

Hoxton Square pizzeria Radio Alice is showcasing five special pizzas created by guest chefs - with each running on the menu for just one week.

The Chef Slice Off has seen each guest come up with an original pizza topping to adorn the signature organic stoneground flour sourdough base at the restaurant named after an Italian pirate radio station.

Their Bolognese recipe uses ancient baking techniques which make the pizzas crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

On our visit, Club Mexicana’s Meriel Armitage had whipped up a spicy south American inspired topping, with jackfruit carnitas, fermented pink onion, salsa verde, sour cream and coriander.

Over the next three weeks you can try a grilled leek cream, garlic puree and pickled anchovy creation, a spiced cauliflower calzone and a razor clam and pig heart topping. It might seem safer to go with a traditional Margherita, but it’s worth taking the risk – these chefs know what they are doing. All priced at £13.

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