Restaurant review: Giraffe embraces Chip Week

Chips are one of those foodstuffs that you just can’t not like. Even carbohydrate-phobes secretly hope the fried potato will one day be legitimately redefined as one of their five-a-day.

Apparently, there’s even a chip week and chain restaurant Giraffe has decided to embrace and celebrate it with a menu of fancy fried spuds and their cousins. We decided it would be rude not to go down to the Spitalfields branch to get stuck in.

Ranging from �3.25 to �4.50, on offer were skin-on fries with spicy chorizo sauce, chilli cheese one, a herby garlic variety and loaded fries with cheese and bacon.

We opted for the sweet potato fries and accompanied them leg of lamb steak and chilli beef enchilada.

Giraffe describes itself as offering “feel-good” food and there’s something in that.

Service was extremely friendly and, at the Spitalfields restaurant, a bar area with a week-day happy hour gives the place a laid-back vibe.

The menu caters for most tastes whether it’s Mediterranean classics you’re after, Mexican food that floats your boat, a South East Asian twist or just something with lots of cheese on it.

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The problem is doing so much means attention to individual flavours is often lost.

The fried chicken dumplings were really good, with a tangy soy sauce for dipping but the hummus and baba ganoush sharing sides were bitter.

Onto the mains, the lamb was too tough but the enchilada was hearty and had a good ratio of meat, to cheese, to sauces to doughy tortilla.

Comfort food is what this place does best.

The chips, which came with a side of aioli were sweet, crispy and ever so moreish.

Although, let’s not confine chips to just the one week. They’re far too good for that.

Chip week runs at Giraffe at the Loft in Westfield Stratford City, in Tranquil Vale and at Spitalfields Market until Sunday.

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