Review: Burlesque After Dark, Proud Kitchen

The burlesque gravy train shows no signs of slowing down and cabaret entrepreneur Alex Proud is making sure everyone’s on board.

Although diners have been enjoying Burlesque in Your Kitchen since the summer, the Proud empire is now ensuring its burlesque shows in Camden get maximum exposure with two dinner sittings.

Razor-tongued ring mistress Ophelia Bitz wrangled her herd of burlesque beauties who serve up their tantalising cabaret offerings as the waiting staff served a three course meal.

Performers, including the lovely Miss Dolly Rose, dutifully entertained as diners tucked into their festive roast turkey and if there was anyone snoozing (which I doubt very much) they would have had a rude awakening during Lisa Lottie’s eye-boggling hula-hooping act as Christmas decorations crashed from the ceiling, showering the stage with broken glass.

A second appearance by the angular Netherlander prompted gasps and rapturous applause as she contorted her frame to squeeze, bottom first, through a ring only just wider than her hips.

But the evening’s show stopper was the astoundingly beautiful and daintily curvaceous Banbury Cross whose fan dance trumped every other I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). I’m smitten.

Three course meal, burlesque entertainment and club entry costs �39.