Review: Poptata – Loaded fries hold their own among Boxpark’s foodie favourites

Poptata in Box Park Shoreditch.

Poptata in Box Park Shoreditch. - Credit: Archant

Chips might seem like an uninspired choice in the foodie heaven that is Shoreditch Boxpark but Poptata more that holds its own.

Forget salt and vinegar - these so-called street fries are pimped up with everything from avocado and halloumi to meatballs and pink garlic mayo.

Our top choice - confit sunset fries- was already sold out at 6pm on a Friday so evidently we weren’t the only ones who were salivating at the thought of cheesy fries, confit duck, caramelised onions and fried egg

Undeterred, I opted for the Tex pulled pork complete with smoky BBQ sauce, sour cream, spring onions and cheddar. Meanwhile my boyfriend chose the “chorifries”, topped with chorizo, goats cheese and paprika.

After just a short wait, we were happily digging in. The chunky spring onions and messy mix of sauces made my tex pulled pork a hit, while the spicy paprika and slabs of creamy goats cheese were balanced nicely by the chorizo.

So don’t underestimate the humble potato - and get in quick if you’re after the duck.

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