REVIEW: The Players’ Theatre at Hoxton Hall

The Players’ Theatre Club has been sustaining the tradition of music hall for 75 years and last month they gave a performance at the historical Hoxton Hall.

Many people may not have heard of Victorian music hall, a kind of variety performance typical of the late 1800’s and early 1900s and often associated with the east-end.

The audience travel back in time with ‘theatre magic’ as soon as they enter the hall, as in the words of the ‘chairman’ Johnny Dennis.

Beautiful singing, old-school magic, big nineteenth century dresses, sing-alongs and satirical comedy make it a night to remember.

The performers, whether singing or talking, do not use microphones.

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The show opens with Johnny Dennis, the ‘chairman’, introducing the show and setting the scene for what is to come throughout the next two hours.

Artistes include Jan Hunt, who entertains the audience with ‘Why am I always the Bridesmaid’, the glamorous Lorraine Hart, comical Helen Watson, Robert Meadwell and Charles Miller is on the piano.

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Johnny Dennis describes the Players’ Theatre Club as the original ‘people’s entertainment’.

The talented artistes of the Players’ Theatre Club, aged between 14 and 80 plus, provide a perfect night of entertainment for the young and old.

Attending a music hall show is a definite once in a life time experience, especially for those who love vintage entertainment and satirical comedy. Many jokes from the show will surely be repeated to friends and family.

The Players’ Theatre Club plan to make a return to Hoxton Hall, so to keep updated about that or for information about the clubs’ other performances visit

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