Review: Yard Sale Pizza does it again with Matty Matheson Brick Lane Bad Boy collab

The Brick Lane Bad Boy.

The Brick Lane Bad Boy. - Credit: Archant

Yard Sale Pizza has teamed up with a mega-star chef for its latest collaboration – and it’s one of their best yet.

Matty Matheson.

Matty Matheson. - Credit: Archant

Canadian chef Matty Matheson, star of Vice’s It’s Suppertime series, New York Times bestselling author and cheeseburger aficionado, dropped in to Yard Sale to discuss a collaboration while spending some time in London.

While working on ideas, Matty declared his love for the East End’s famous salt-beef bagels, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Brick Lane Bad Boy features pastrami smoked by Cobble Lane in Islington as well as mozzarella, pickled cabbage, dill pickles, hot mustard and honey mustard dressing.

And, much like a salt beef bagel, it works. The pickles and the sweet sauce blend perfectly with Yard Sale’s signature double-fermented pizza base, while the cubed pastrami adds a welcome twist on the traditional meat toppings.

It’s certainly up there with the Farang collaboration Thai Society, and, essentially, if you’re a fan of the bagels, you’ll love this.

But you’ll need to be quick as it’s only available until Tuesday.

Yard Sale has restaurants in Lower Clapton Road, Blackstock Road, as well as Leytonstone and Walthamstow. Click here for more information.

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