'Realness personified': Rex Orange County at Mola Chill Club

Rex Orange County performs at Mola Chill Club

Rex Orange County performs at Mola Chill Club - Credit: Juliette Fevre

Simplicity is the first word that came to my mind when Rex entered the stage. He’s the kind of guy you’d have met at a party and felt at ease with.   

Rex Orange County performed for an intimate show at Hackney Church to mark the launch of Mola Chill Club: ‘A private members club for global music fans which grants exclusive access to concerts, secret gigs, music events and merch across the world’. 

Rex doesn’t have the air of someone who takes himself or his music too seriously. His realness, compared to his success, is mesmerising. And his sense of humour, playful but ‘bon-enfant,’ not harmful. In a time when everybody feels the need to prove themselves all the time, his authenticity strikes. 

At some points, he stopped singing to banter. Questions were asked by the public and he made a point of introducing himself to each interviewer: “Nice to meet you, I’m Alex,” he’d say. “I know!” the audience member would answer. 

Around the venue, artisan food, fairground games and craft beer instals had been set up.

The crowd were also treated to a performance by magician Dynamo, performing tricks to anyone who wanted to see them - although ‘tricks’ might be an understatement. Dynamo was mind-blowing. 

Strangely, the aura he gave away was like Rex’s, as if the effect he was producing was taller than himself. I’m tempted to say that he stole the show. 

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Rex wore a hoodie from his merch: “Who cares?” written white on black. It also happens to be the title of his soon-to-be-released album. It’s almost insolent, but I tend to imagine he’s really wondering. 

Who cares, then? Him because after two years off stage, this come-back mattered, he said. The audience too, cared, singing along, knowing the lyrics of his ballads by heart. And rightly so because Rex sings a lot about love. 

It looks effortless for him, music, life, fame, love. Besides, he sings: “Loving is Easy.” When he intoned his new single: “Don’t change a thing, you are amazing,” I truly felt amazing – or was it the open bar? 

It may be what his music does the best, make you feel good. This warm-up in Hackney Church, kicking off his international ‘Who cares?’ tour was a success. 

For more information, visit www.molachillclub.com