Swords, lightbulbs and fire on the menu as dinner cabaret goes dark at Brick Lane’s Brickhouse

BETTER known for cheeky cabaret striptease, Brick Lane supper club The Brickhouse will be putting punters right off their four-course dinners as it welcomes stomach-turning Britain’s Got Freaks winner Preacher Muad’ib for a month-long residency in the run up to Halloween.

Burlesque will be blended with extreme cabaret and fantastical human stunts as Preacher performs an array of health and safety-defying stunts as part of Cirque Des Ombres, including hammering nails into his nose and eating his way through a box of lightbulbs.

But there will be respite for diners as not all the performances will make them want bring their dinners back up - there’s also stilt-walking and hula hooping to enjoy.

But World Record holder Preacher will be centre stage. The self-styled demonic clown is internationally renowned for his jaw dropping acts of human endurance and this year he was selected by Alice Cooper as the winner of the nationwide Britain’s Got Freaks talent competition, winning the chance to perform on stage with the rock legend.

Preacher’s signature act – and the stunt that ensured him a place in the Guinness Book of Records – is to balance a lawn mower on his chin. Diners are then invited to throw vegetables into the rotating blades.

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Preacher can also eat his way through a box of light bulbs, drill four inch nails into his face, smash concrete blocks on his crotch and lie on a bed of nails.

Some of his most extreme stunts include hammering nails or drilling into his nose, eating light bulbs, stubbing cigarettes out on his tongue, jumping and standing on a bed of glass and stapling objects to his body, Jackass-style.

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There is also an element of audience participation in his shows and at least one spectator will be encourages to push Preacher’s face into broken glass but diners will be relieved to hear an expert is charged with wielding the sledgehammer which smashes a concrete slab on the performer’s crotch while he lies on a bed of nails.

Other elements of the show, which may seem tame by comparison, include knife throwing and juggling, fire eating and sword swallowing.

Head chef Matthew Reuter’s four course meals will accompany all performances. Dishes include rare tuna with wasabi foam, pork belly and wild mushroom risotto.

Cirque Des Ombres is on at the Brickhouse in Brick Lane until Saturday, October 30. Entry costs �5 in advance or �8 on the door. Free to diners.

Visit www.thebrickhouse.co.uk for more information.

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