The Bach, Hoxton, launches evening menu

Kumara with quinoa, soy mayo and cranberry

Kumara with quinoa, soy mayo and cranberry - Credit: Archant

“Can’t we go for breakfast again instead?” my daughter asked hopefully, when I told her we were going back to The Bach to try their evening menu which has just launched.


Bach - Credit: Archant

It’s true that our brunch had been so good I was wondering how the team at the Hoxton Street diner could top it.

It’s named after New Zealand beach houses – which judging from the décor I imagine are a more stylish version than beach huts you might find on the Essex coastline.

At night time the lighting accentuates the tropical holiday vibe, where a palm tree is the central focal point.

Bold leaf decorations on the menus and cutlery tins are the only fancy decoration in the midst of the simple white wooden clad space.


Bach - Credit: Archant

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Sour cream and baba ganoush dips accompanied by homemade cornbread got our family meal off to a great start, and my kids and I were happy that the nutritious almond milk and blueberry smoothies are still served up at night – although there’s an extensive alcohol list too.

Like so many places now they’re doing the sharing plate thing, which I really like as you get to try a little bit of everything.

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The stracciatella cheese – an even creamier version of burrata - comes with lemon and pine nuts (£7.50) and it’s divine.

The meat eaters amongst us gorged on a spicy chorizo on toast (£4.50), and a lamb cutlet which was served with a sweet Argentinian tomato jam (£6). My favourite dish was the gluten-free buttermilk chicken, with chilli jam and aioli (£11).

One of the smoothies

One of the smoothies - Credit: Archant

My veggie son filled up on a kumara which is a type of sweet potato. As you’d expect at a clean living diner it’s stuffed with pumpkin seeds, quinoa, soy mayo and cranberries (£6.50) which gave it a nice texture.

Courgette fritters with halloumi and vine tomatoes (£6.50) also went down a treat.

Bach’s up-to-the-minute menu clearly does the trick at all times of the day.

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