Theatre review: The Hundred We Are at the Yard, E9

The Hundred We Are at The Yard Theatre. Picture: Mark Douet

The Hundred We Are at The Yard Theatre. Picture: Mark Douet - Credit: Photo by Mark Douet

Jonas Hassen Khemiri’s play is an unpredictable and exciting tale that warns us of the lack of permanence in life.

In Frank Perry’s translation of the Swedish writer’s play, we meet three women of varying ages and dispositions: a young radical, a middle-aged housewife and an old sage.

We realise the three are indeed part of the same woman, at different stages of her life. There’s the naïve idealist who writes political poetry and dreams of solving the Middle East situation; there’s the middle-aged career woman, desperate to find success in the field of dental hygiene; and the older, content yet sardonic woman, looking back at her life with wisdom of past years.

The three battle to make sense of their lives through memory, imagination and fantasy. What really happened all those years ago? Did they bring down the system or accept the status quo? With so much fracturing of memories and so many fantasies coming into play, who can tell what the real truth is?

Ida Bonnast plays the mad “intellectual revolutionary” with energy and aplomb, Katherine Manners is the neurotic yet outwardly chipper middle class mum, and Karen Archer is the woman in the twilight of her years.

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Florence McHugh’s minimalist stage design of white boxes and Joshua Pharo’s lighting at the Yard is perfect to portray the emotional turmoil and upheaval of the three women.

It’s a lively production that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but the ideas within leave us with unsettling thoughts on the lives we lead and the paths untaken.

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Rating: 4/5 stars

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